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Privacy Policy:

Major is committed to keeping our colleagues’ information private. We store names, email addresses and, in some cases, postal addresses in order to keep journalists and publications informed about the excellent roster of artists we represent. We will never, ever rent or trade email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes. We just want to be able to keep in touch with you and get all that vital information out to you! Here’s some information about the data we store and what we do with it etc etc:

We store mailing list data on third-party provider MailChimp in order to inform people of what we’re working on at any given time so that they might request music, guestlist etc from us or use the information we send to write things like lovely news stories and previews. If you receive these emails, it’s because we have worked together in the past or present, you’ve expressed an interest in being kept informed, or you’ve signed up to receive them. We don’t share these lists with anyone else and you are free to unsubscribe at any time (there’s an option at the bottom of each email). For more information, please see MailChimp’s privacy notice.

We also use Haulix in order to send out watermarked promotional streams of music so your data may be stored on there if you’re one of those lucky people. For more information, please see Haulix’s privacy notice.

Our own records of information – names, publications you write for, email addresses, postal addresses – are kept on our own secure business account on Microsoft OneDrive. This is where we keep track of everyone we like to keep in contact with but we won’t let anyone else access these files. For more information, please see the OneDrive section of Microsoft’s privacy policy

Lastly, but maybe most importantly, if you think you might be on our databases and want to know exactly what information of yours is stored and where, please do let us know. You of course have the right to have us amend your information or remove you from any lists but we hope that you will want to stay connected and continue to hear some amazing music. Email with any queries or requests.

We will review this Privacy Policy yearly in accordance with current laws.