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The Plot In You – ‘Swan Song’ ALBUM (Fearless Records)

Gargantuan new album from the Ohio quartet, produced by mega talent vocalist Landon Tewers himself. Metalcore and melody in perfect union on its first single ‘Face Me’.


Oxymorrons – ‘Mohawks & Durags’ EP (333 Wreckords Crew)

Genre-splicing at its most creative and exciting. Features recent single ‘Green Vision’.

01 OCT

Goodbye Honolulu – ‘Goodbye Honolulu’ ALBUM (Stray Dog Records)

A veritable melting pot of genre influence in the debut album from these Canadian garage rockers. Check out new single ‘You and Me’.

08 OCT

Noah Gundersen – ‘A Pillar of Salt’ ALBUM (Cooking Vinyl)

A typically beauteous record from Noah which includes a song featuring his good friend Phoebe Bridgers. The first single from the album ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ is out now.

13 OCT

Sleep Outside – ‘This Won’t Ever Last’ EP (Self release)

Some old school emo vibes with a modern twist. FFO Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, Braid, check out the debut single ‘Skeleton’ now.

22 OCT

Death Blooms – ‘Life Is Pain’ ALBUM (Adventure Cat Records)

Crucial collection of tunes from the Liverpool-based metal maestros. ‘Shut Up’ is out now.

29 OCT

Save Face – ‘Another Kill For The Highlight Reel’ ALBUM (Epitaph)

A macabre yet spirited album from New Jersey’s latest theatrical emo punks. ‘Bury Me (Tonight!)’ is out now.

09 DEC

KID DAD – ‘Bloom’ EP (Long Branch Records)

The latest thought-provoking collection from the German band and they’ll be over in the UK on tour early next year too. Check out ‘As Soon As America’ now.