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Maggie Cassidy – ‘Life is Beautiful’ EP (Self release) 

The debut EP from the effervescent rocked-up dirty-pop purveyors Maggie Cassidy was produced by Seb Barlow who ended up becoming an official member of Neck Deep whilst he was making the EP with them. The music video for  the mega hooky ‘S.A.D.’ was filmed in isolation.

21 AUG 2020

KID DAD – ‘In A Box’ ALBUM (Long Branch Records) 

Launching their debut album ‘In A Box’ with an evocative music video for its first single ‘A Prison Unseen’, German band Kid Dad have crafted a truly original and eclectic first full length here.

28 AUG 2020

Dream Nails – ‘Dream Nails’ ALBUM (Alcopop! Records)

Dream Nails’ self-titled debut album is a queer feminist party. It’s an intoxicating and rallying kaleidoscope of righteous rage, tongue-in-cheek commentary on modern constructs and pure riotous fun. Latest single ‘Kiss My Fist’ rails against homophobic violence. 

04 SEP 2020

Honey Joy – ‘II’ ALBUM (Everything Sucks Music)

London DIY indie punks Honey Joy’s second album explores vocalist Meg Tinsley’s struggles with mental health and a period when she was on a mission of self-love having come through the other side of a difficult period. Part Two: The Healer was the first single released.