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05 MAR

Sadness & Complete Disappointment  – ‘Fun’ EP (Self release) 

Aptly-monikered, grungey midlands trio bring the doom and gloom in the best possible way. Check out ‘Monotony’.

12  MAR

Justin Courtney Pierre – ‘An Anthropologist On Mars’ EP (Epitaph Records) 

The first single from the Brett Gurewitz-produced EP, ‘Dying To Know’ is out now.

17 MAR

Death Blooms – ‘Fuck Everything’ (Adventure Cat Records)

Crushing new collection from Liverpool metal band with a sentiment that we can all get behind. Death Blooms played Slipknot’s ‘Pulse of the Maggots’ online festival last year. Check out the music video for the title track here.

30 MAR

ĠENN - ‘Liminal’ EP (Everything Sucks Music) 

Brighton-based genre-blenders hark back to old school rock and roll with a distinctly modern twist. Listen to ‘Feel’.

02 APR

GHLOW - ‘Slash and Burn’ ALBUM (PNKSLM Recordings)

Swedish-Russian electropunk duo bring a clash of genres in a wall of sound that’s intriguing and enticing. ‘Hold On’ is out now.

Hey, King! – ‘Hey, King! ALBUM (ANTI-) 

LA-based duo will be releasing their debut album of innovative indie-rock, produced by the one and only Ben Harper. ‘Beautiful’ is out now.

09 APR

Muttering – ‘Don’t Think About It’ EP (Failure By Design)

New London band are set to reel you in with their songs for the end of the world (aka their debut EP). Its first single ‘Swim’ is out now.

14 APR

Havelocke – ‘Arsonist’ EP (Silent Cult)

A throwback emo sound with a modern twist that packs a punch from this Sheffield bunch. The EP’s almost-title-track ‘The Arsonist’ is out now.

16 APR

While She Sleeps – ‘Sleeps Society’ ALBUM (Sleeps Brothers / Spinefarm)

The central part to an ambitious fan-oriented project, the title track of While She Sleeps’ forthcoming album is out now.

30 APR

Baby Strange – ‘Land of Nothing’ EP (Icons Creating Evil Art) 

Glasgow trio bring the gritty dancefloor riffs in their first collection for Swedish indie ICEA. Check out ‘Club Sabbath’, named after their iconic indie club night, now.