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The Major ethos is founded on a partnership between Jessica Giordano in Los Angeles and Sarah Maynard in London. The aim is to offer full service PR campaigns specific to US and UK markets, working together to produce cohesive results benefiting artists’ worldwide profiles.

Sarah Maynard is a specialist UK publicist with over seven years experience at renowned indie Division PR and Victory Records; her contacts span a variety of print, online, radio and TV media. Jessica Giordano was previously Head of Publicity at indie powerhouse Epitaph Records where she forged relationships across all media nationwide in the US. The two met when working together on emerging artist letlive., establishing a formidable profile for the band on both sides of the Atlantic and ultimately deciding to take this partnership and build on it with their own company.

Between the pair, they’ve worked with hundreds of brand new and established artists, creating campaigns befitting of each and every one. These have included fun., The Gaslight Anthem, Bring Me The Horizon, Motley Crue, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Refused, Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, The Menzingers, Retox, P.O.S, At The Drive-In, Big Talk (Ronnie Vannucci of the Killers), Pennywise, Parkway Drive, to name just a few. Our knowledge of both markets, as well as a broader knowledge of music worldwide in a variety of genres and at all levels, means that we are able to tailor campaigns to artists’ needs as their careers develop, whether concentrating on the UK, the US, or working on campaigns together that straddle both markets.